I am pleased to offer this testimonial for Jessie Sobool, whose journey exemplifies an unwavering dedication to elevating customer experience (CX) through collaborative efforts, effective program management, and strong problem-solving skills.

With a reputation for fostering a culture that prioritizes customer-centricity and collaboration, Jessie's initiative and leadership in building an internal knowledge sharing program helped set the foundation for fostering innovation and continuous improvement across departments improving the overall experience for our employees and customers.

- Mark Razzolini: Senior Executive

Jessie played a key role in Alberta Blue Cross' digital transformation. Her efforts resulted in top-notch designs, as she actively participated in mapping the customer journey. She brought her empathy and deep understanding of the customer experience to the team as we collaborated and iterated on clean designs that led to successful client outcomes and unparalleled customer experiences. Jessie constantly has her eye on client success.

- Hassan Mahmood: Manager, Digital Transformation at Digineox Consulting

People make our organization; how they are trained to deliver products and services as well as do their work productively in high functioning environments.  I had the pleasure of working closely with Jessie Sobool at Alberta Blue Cross, and I can confidently say she's a standout professional.  With expertise spanning HR, training, productivity, customer, and user experience, she brought invaluable insights to our team.

Jessie was the driving force behind several of our HR initiatives, ensuring people team stayed motivated and engaged.  She also led impactful training programs, fostering a culture of continuous learning.  Moreover, she demonstrated a remarkable ability to enhance customer satisfaction and streamline user experiences.  Jessie's empathetic and keen eye for customer needs and her intuitive understanding of user journeys led to significant improvements in our product/service offerings.

In addition, she had a knack for optimizing processes and enhancing productivity, all while prioritizing customer satisfaction.  Beyond her skills, Jessie is a natural leader and great team player.  I wholeheartedly recommend her for any role requiring a blend of HR, training, productivity, customer, and user experience expertise.  She would be a fantastic asset to any team.

- Christine Maligec, CRM-E, CRIS

Jessie is a coach and trainer extraordinaire.  She developed and trained new sales talent at my department with a primary focus on CX and a consultative approach before it was the "in" thing.  She has the gift of foresight when it comes to business planning which was in no small part honed over years of hands-on experience in the field dealing with a diverse range of clients.  Her successful career in both the corporate and entrepreneurial worlds allows her to state with authority that she walks the walk when it comes to CX and UX.  These may be the current buzzwords in the industry but they are an a priori mission statement for Jessie.  I am thrilled to see her take on a role as a mentor and lodestar in the field of CX.  I am certain her keen insight will guide many as it is helping me progress in my own roles already."

 - Sukhman Minhas: BSc, DHM

Jessie is a natural leader who is always seeking innovative pathways for people and projects to become aligned strategically with customer-centered and business-oriented goals. We worked together on one of Jessie’s initiatives called BLUniversity: an internal engagement program where employees developed and facilitated lunch and learns about their unique talents. As a facilitator myself, I appreciated Jessie’s passion and project leadership to create something meaningful for our users through many iterations, provide experiences that were inclusive, fostered knowledge sharing and drove and amplified the diversity of our company’s talent. To this day, Jessie and I share this passion and I would be honoured to work with her again!

Michelle Hrycauk Nassif -  Community Design and Impact Consultant