About Me

Seen here with my trusty Clever Fox Planner Pro, I've been obsessed with productivity for approximately 400 years now.  This is the seat of my joy  - having clear access to data, tools, and focus.

More recently - in this century - during my organization's move from analogue to digital client experiences, I became completely enamoured with providing clarity to clients in a similar fashion.  I am obsessed with CX and UX - specifically with client journeys and how they achieve their goals.  Whether in a sales, operational or marketing capacity; I aim to streamline and create uplifting experiences that inspire, or are so good you don't even notice they are happening - for ALL my collaborators.  I believe work can be joyful.

I began my own virtual bookkeeping business to exercise this joy and support others with automation.  This is where I fell in love with the SaaS space and the incredible work being crafted by passionate helpers.  Although I learned entrepreneurship is too solitary for me, I grew excellent C(D)X processes and am now bringing my passions back to more collaborative teams, whilst studying UX Design with Google in order to up-level my collaborative CX skills.

“Simplicity, carried to an extreme, becomes elegance.”

Jon Franklin